About Us

Welcome to Senior Insurance Solutions! 

We help demystify senior health insurance for clients throughout Wisconsin. 

We offer a variety of Medicare plans, including:


  • The lowest cost supplements
  • The most popular no-cost and low-cast Advantage Plans
    (which include dental vision, hearing and health club benefits, no cost generic drugs, and no deductible medical coverage and out of pocket cap.)
  • Dual plans

Curious about what plans you qualify for? Connect with us and we will walk you through available options!


Our approach is direct. We focus on:


  • Explaining how Medicare and each different plan works
  • Evaluating the cost and benefits of each option
  • Comparing each plan with current coverage
  • Analysing each person's unique health needs and budget
  • Assisting each individual with choosing the best plan for them

Why choose us?


Where you choose to purchase your insurance protection makes a difference. Two key reasons to choose us over others are:


Our Commitment to Customer Service 

We are available by phone or text at nearly any hour to serve our clients. Health needs don't operate by business hours, so we don't either. We are accessible when you need us. 

Our Approach

We focus on helping you fit insurance coverage to your needs and not just buy a policy.

We’re proud to serve families and businesses of all sizes for over 30 years. We look forward to the possibility of serving you. Connect with us today to receive help with Medicare. 




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